Monday, May 3, 2010

Our New Apartment (First Post)

Location: New Apartment
Type of Bread: Cinnamon Raisin Bread from the Med

On May day, Jacob, Sophia, Mike, Classics and I got the keys to our first apartment, and celebrated by making toast in the unfurnished sun room. I thought this was very fitting, as toast is the food of the proletariat. The apartment is perfect for college students like us, meaning that it is cheap because it is pretty rundown. But I think that gives it character, so I couldn't be happier with the situation. One of the most interesting things about the apartment is our landlord, Mr. Harrison. We were lucky enough to avoid a MAC apartment (but we were even more lucky to avoid having to sign a lease with the real estate agent given to us by MAC. He is easily the sweatiest man in the world. He is also a sleezy salesman.), but this means having a landlord. Our interactions with Mr. Harrison all go like this:

1) He has forgotten who most of us are. We remind him.
2) He tries to sell us a computer desk that he bought for the apartment for 100$. None of us want a 100$ computer desk. Awkward silence ensues.
3) He expresses concern that we'll party/damage the apartment/make too much noise. We tell him that all we do for fun is play boardgames. He realizes we are lame and is slightly less worried.

We got to the apartment, talked to Mr. Harrison, ran over to Hyde Park Produce to get bread, and made toast. Here is the exciting footage:

The amazing 5-dollar toaster:

Sophia models the toast:

The toast is cooking while I drink chocolate milk. The carton said "Sassy Cow" on it. Sophia is eating yogurt which was not made by a sassy cow, and therefore not as good as my chocolate milk:

So, apartment life should be interesting. And while we live there, we will make toast there.

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