Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Toast to the Breckempire

Location: BJ Dining Hall (I refuse to recognize south as having anything, including a dining hall)
Type of Bread: Sketchy BJ wheat bread

Every year, the finest Breckies gather at BJ's dining hall from across the Breckempire for the annual "Feast of the Breckizens." As part of this yearly ceremony, the Breckizens eat a delicious feast (meaning dining hall food eaten at a table with a tablecloth), dance, and generally make all sorts of ruckus. Its a celebration of Breck, so by nature it is loud, obnoxious, and a great time.

There ain't no party like a Breckinridge Party

My love of Breck is surpassed only by my love of toasting, so I figured the two would go well together. On the day of the celebration, I easily smuggled the toaster into the dining hall by hiding it in my backpack. I decided to plug the toaster into the lovely string of Christmas lights running down the length of the table. The lights ended at the table opposite from where I sat, so I had to walk to the other end. I got to the end of the table, plopped down, and made some fine toast.

Notice the table decorations. The Feast of the Breckizens is classy stuff.

Like small children, Breckizens require crayons at all their meals

As I walked, toaster in hand, to the end of the table, I got to talk with several of my housemates, and none of them seemed particularly surprised. Those that knew I were making the blog were happy to be part of the toasting, and those that didn't know seemed amused but not particularly taken aback. That's because in Breck, doing strange things is considered normal. Actually, it's expected.

Strange things like, say, photobombing

Basically, Breck is awesome. Long live Davin Reed! Long live Penny! And finally, may the Breckinflag fly as long as people are taking bread and toasting it!

P.S. We also made toast at a friend's apartment shortly after this. We were there to celebrate Mike's birthday. It was a great time, and I mention it not just because we made toast but because we got a great picture of Mike at the celebration.


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